Horse and Tree

A warm welcome is extended to persons with ostomies, their relatives and friends, medical professionals, and all those interested in living life to the fullest with an ostomy.

Our Ostomy Support Group meets regularly to share experiences, to provide mutual support, to learn about the latest products and medical procedures, to commiserate and, yes, to laugh together. We cannot provide medical advice, however, you may benefit from the tips and experience shared by our ostomates, and you may simply enjoy the fellowship of people who have gone through similar health issues. We wish to show that life can and does return to normal after ostomy surgery, even though it may be a new normal.

Please join us and be encouraged by others who have journeyed down the ostomy road. You are not alone.

Ostomates are everywhere! You just can’t tell who we are by looking. Surgery may interrupt one’s abundant life, but that life can be recaptured. Join us and borrow from the strength and hope and connection with others. We are here to help.