Members and Services

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The Ostomy Support Group of Ocala/Marion Co. is an affiliated chapter of the United Ostomy Association of America, UOAA, a non-profit organization for colostomates, iliostomates, and urostomates. We are an organization of volunteers who present living evidence that ostomy surgery need not interfere with work, family life, travel, or recreation.

Ostomates, their families and caregivers, medical professionals, surgical suppliers, and other interested persons.


  • Monthly educational meetings
  • Telephone or online support
  • Social gatherings
  • Visitation program

The Ocala Ostomy Support Group offers visitation by  UOAA trained listeners. These members are available for personal consultation by telephone or visit with prospective or new ostomates for the purpose of addressing concerns and offering reassurance and practical information. While we do not offer medical advice, we have much to offer in the way of example, experience, and encouragement.

Many times a telephone contact serves to answer ones questions or provide the reassurance needed. Attending meetings and sharing experiences with others who have the same type of ostomy can also do much to uplift the person anticipating ostomy surgery or the person who unexpectedly develops a problem with an existing ostomy.

Who’s Who

President – Lynn Parsons
Vice-President – Karen Franco
Secretary –
Treasurer – Linda Rudolph